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January 15, 2019
Conducting the Marketing/Business Due Diligence Early in Product Development Can Avoid Issues and Problems Later in Development and Post Launch
There must be two key ingredients for a company to be successful: 1) good science; and 2) good business/marketing.  We know that if one doesn’t have good science, the product won’t work.  We also know that one needs good marketing to market and sell the product.  The controversy is when and how important is it for marketing to be involved in product development.    Read more
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February 15, 2019
Thinking Outside the Box in Fighting Cancer
Scientists have been working to develop drugs that can either stop the progression of cancer or result in the patient being cancer free with drugs such as Immuno-oncology (IO) drugs for years and have found success with some drugs while others have failed.  But cancer is very complex as there can be subsets of a subset within specific type of cancer making it difficult to understand how they survive and evade cancer drugs.  Read more
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