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January 15, 2020
New Approaches to Alzheimer’s Disease
Scientists have researched and conducted clinical trials on Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) for over three decades, but unfortunately, no drug has made it to the market in the US.  AD is a very complex disease and it’s difficult to obtain brain tissue or imaging that tells the real story.  There have been many different theories of beta amyloid, tau and alpha synuclein accumulation as to the cause of AD with a number of clinical trials being conducted in this area.  Read more
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February 15, 2020
Sick or Injured, Microrobots to the Rescue!
What are Microrobots?

Scientists and engineers have been working on microrobots for the last three decades.  Microrobots similar in size to a living cell (see Figure 1) are designed to move throughout the body.  Microbiots are less likely to cause tissue damage compared to surgery or catheter insertions.  They can also deliver a drug to their target and minimize side effects compared to drugs that are delivered systemically and are more widely dispersed. Some predict that in the future, microrobots will be able to repair or rebuild tissue in pursuit of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Read more

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March 15, 2020
What is COVID-19
COVID – 19 or Coronavirus Disease 2019 is the name of the respiratory disease.   The virus that causes COVID-19 is a Coronavirus (a family of viruses) and more specifically SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome- Coronavirus -2). The virus first appeared in a seafood market in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. With a population of 11 million, Wuhan is the largest city in Hubei Province in Central China.  But it’s decidedly not SARS, said Dr. Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust who worked on the 2002-2003 epidemic, which spread from China to Toronto, Canada.  Read more
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April 15, 2020
Hope everyone is well and safe.  I know everyone has information overload regarding COVID-19 yet there is still a lot of uncertainty and unanswered questions since we have never seen a pandemic like this before where things are changing by the minute.

Since the stay-at-home order or advisory, everyone has had to make a huge adjustment to our lives.  For this month, rather than write about CIOVID-19 or any other topic, I decided we need a little inspiration or something to make us laugh to get us through this difficult time. Read more

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May 15, 2020
Why it is important that we all wear a mask to stop the spread of COVID-19
The CDC and the state of Massachusetts has recommended and mandated respectively that everyone needs to wear a mask when out in public both inside and out to stop the spread of COVID-19.  Unfortunate, not everyone is obeying this mandate which they should and here are the reasons why.  Read more
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June 15, 2020
How to Reopen the Economy and Remain Safe
The economy is slowly reopening, but how do you do it safely and keep your business alive?  We are all aware of the measure that has been recommended by the CDC for the well being of your customers, your employees and yourself.  Read more
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July 15, 2020
What We Can Learn From the COVID-19 Pandemic
It is always easy to say what should have been done hind sight.  What is important is being prepared and acting quickly the next time it happens.  Colin Powell said, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”  Read more
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August 15, 2020
Another Crisis is Brewing
The SARS-CoV 2 pandemic is wreaking havoc and chaos worldwide resulting in 732,650 death and 19,952,057 positive cases worldwide as of August 10, 2020.  It has devastated the global economy, and the mental health and well being of everyone.  It has also brought out the worst in some people. Read more
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September 15, 2020
How to Stay Fit During the Pandemic
Since the “Stay at Home” advisory or mandate except for front line healthcare professionals, first responders and other essential personnel was implemented back in March, we all have had to make adjustments to our daily routine.  We all worked from home and many continue to work from home as this pandemic continues.  Read more
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October 15, 2020
How To Deal With Uncertainty
2020 is the year that everyone will remember.  The unrest of the pandemic, economic crash, racial injustice, and a president who has divided the country has caused anxiety, distrust, prejudice, injustice, violence and the list goes on.  Read more
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November 15, 2020
Happy Thanksgiving – Fun Activities for You and Your Family
Here is a list of activities to do with your family or for yourself during Thanksgiving.  Take advantage in visiting museums virtually around the world, Disney World virtual tours, the Grand Canyon and other National Parks, Newport Mansions, MFA, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum or a virtual tour of Greece all at your fingertips to enjoy from your home.  Read more
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December 15, 2020
How Fostering/Adopting a Pet Can Help with Isolation and More During a Pandemic
Feeling isolated due to the pandemic?  Yearning for companionship?  Need for human touch?  Or looking for something to do?  Read more
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